Use Cases

Smart Contracts

The Power of Autonomous Blockchain. Smart Contracts manages not only the storage of past transactions, but also executes future transactions as well.

Workers scan IDs, which are verified by a government database. Work begins.

Finished products automatically summon delivery trucks.

When the driver scans a box, it triggers a payment from the video game company to factory.

Small computer programs can excute complex contracts. Specific actions can be verified by third parties, and then trigger other events. All this gets recorded on the secure blockchain, and can never be altered after the fact.

The Future of Blockchain for Business

Blockchain technology opens a variety of new opportunities.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that delivers efficiency and potentially enabling government applications in digital voting, digital identification, electronic health records, digital deeds and even tax audits.


A record management system for health records and digital signatures to provide patients and physicians secure access to medical information. Also, secure smart home IoT ecosystems by storing biometric data on a private blockchain.


A shared ledger where all financial transactions are recorded. It delivers low cost, secure sharing of information. This technology clearly has the potential to bring ground-breaking innovations across the valuable retail chain.

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