With our expertise in blockchain solutions we are looking at some exciting areas 

Refocusing GBLC’s IP and blockchain solutions from private blockchains to public blockchains​


Launching a GBLC token to help onboard businesses into the blockchain ecosystem.


Furthering discussions with potential partners who have shown  interest in having GBLC manage and enhance existing cryptocurrency tokens use cases, by incorporating NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) and Oracle (Bridges Between Private and Public Blockchain ) feature sets.

Exposure to Altcoins

  • Bitcoin has gone from pennies when launched to $50,000. If Bitcoin goes to $250,000 it only represents a 5x gain.

  • Ethereum has gone from $ 1 USD to $ 1,726.33 USD (as of March 8 th ) even though it unable to scale for mass adoption.

  • Altcoins are looking to be the next Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are over 6,000 Altcoins. GBLC has the experience and expertise required to find future market leaders. By owning GBLC you will have exposure to our Altcoins.

  • We are giving early access to the huge potential of the future leaders of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin/US$ Crypto Chart
bitcoin chart.png
Ethereum/US$ Crypto Chart
ethereum chart.png

(SOURCE: TradingView)

Exposure in Altcoins con’t

  • GBLC has announced plans to invest in ADA and DOT because we believe the winner in the smart contract race to mass adoption will see incredible gains.  

  • ADA currently trades at $1.12 from a 52 week low of $0.02. If ADA can get to $150 a coin, $200,000 invested would be worth over $25 million.

  • DOT initial issuance in Q3 2019 was at a price of $0.29. DOT currently trades at $37.45. If DOT can get to $700 a coin, $500,000 invested would be worth almost $10 million.

  • We believe both ADA and DOT are no where near their top and we continue to assess new coins that have the potential to exceed the gains that these projects have shown.

ADA/US$ Crypto Chart
ADA Crypto chart.png
DOT/US$ Crypto Chart
DOT Crypto Chart.png

(SOURCE: TradingView)